Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Code Pink Rally At White House

8 minutes video of a rally in Washington, inspired by the Muntadhar Al Zaidi farewell kiss to President Bush

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Iraqi Farewell To Bush

A couple of weeks ago I read an interview with U.S. President, George W Bush with ABC news where he expressed his regret on the war in Iraq and admitted wrongness in waging that war in the first place. After reading that interview I was wondering if it is possible to impeach this American president for crimes against humanity, not only Iraqis, but also the U.S. loss of men and money. I received a reply to a comment on that interview from someone who accused me of "yearning the days of Saddam". My answer was asking that person if he sees the similarity between Saddam and Bush in following the same conduct of butchering a nation.

Iraqis threw and slapped the statues of Saddam with shoes and slippers in 2003. Today I saw a similarity in giving farewell to Bush: throwing shoes at him and called "Dog".