Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ismail Alfarwachi Concert

Ismail Alfarwachi is one of the best artists in Iraq in the late 1980's. A fabulous singer and a musician who put his mark with his style among many stars in that period such as Raed George and Adel Ogla.

Alfarwachi is a graduate from the fine art academy in Iraq and started his musical career with Raed George band as the lead singer. His raise to stardom came in 1990 with the release of his album "doos ala galbak", which branded his style with the use of synthesizers mixed with traditional Arabic maqam (scale). In 1991, during the Gulf War, Ismail Alfarwachi lost his right leg in the war but that did not prevent him from resuming his career with more and greater success, and recorded a lot of albums, such as "yal Habeebe" and "Khamra Al Hob". My personal favorite was "habeebty inti w bes". Remember, his fame came after recording a live album and not a studio album, so that was a motivation to record more live albums during his musical career. One to remember was "Hayra" - I still remember some of my friends while I was in Baghdad used to play that album loud in their cars' stereos and enjoy every song.

In late 1990's, I think, Alfarwachi left Iraq and re-located in North America, and his concerts in Canada and the United States were a source of envy of many Iraqis not living in that continents to have the chance to see that great artist live. However, Alfarwachi determination to be with his fans had no limits, he toured in the past years many other countries in the world, such as Australia, Jordan, New Zealand and the Netherlands. His appearance and touring was and still bringing happiness for many Iraqis living abroad who still remember and listen to music from the old days when real good and professional music used to be made.

Last year, Alfarwachi recorded and filmed the song "Inte Iraqi", a song that describe the feeling of an ordinary Iraqi who loves and proud of his country. The song became one of the most seen and listened songs on the internet by Iraqis for some time.

Now... this is the chance for those living in the United States, especially in Phoenix, Arizona to meet the prominent artist because he is advertising for his live concert on October 10. Click on the image to get full details on how to book your ticket and more info.

It would be great if anyone can record or film the concert. Drop me an email if anyone do that.