Friday, January 9, 2009

Stuart Haugen

Stuart.Haugen I was surprised that such a politicians has no website, blog, not either a Wikipedia entry anywhere on the internet. Is he like the Batman of the Republican Party in France? The only reference is on the Observers website:

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I'm the vice-chair of the Republicans Abroad France.

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OK, this is the deal: this man came on France 24 satellite channel on Face-off talk show last December debating the reason behind the behavior of Muntadhar Al Zaidi, if someone forgot who is this man: he is the only man who I didn't agree with on what he did if it wasn't meant for George W Bush - the shoe thrower.

Stuart Haugen accused Al Zaidi and the channel he works for as being pro-baathists! and that Muntadhar Al Zaidi was a prominent Baath party member during Saddam years. This man reminded me of another a person who put a remark on a blog one the night after the incident, by saying that Muntadhar Al Zaidi is Sunni and for that reason he did that. Haugen also accused the debater in front of him of being a manipulator, while every word he said was the best and perfect example of manipulation, from the shoe-thrower to the middle-east political system.

As many said, Al Zaidi's own fault against people like Stuart Haugen is his view on politics: "I’m Iraqi and I’m proud of my country" and that he utterly rejected the occupation and the civil clashes. Or maybe because one of many opposed to the security pact(because it threatened Iraq's sovereignty).

It started to become like a normal habit to me to almost say with every post I put on this blog (to save time for readers to browse through my two blogs to know my political view: I was happy that Saddam was removed, I am against the occupation and especially after all the crimes committed and the chance made to ignite ethnic conflict in Iraq - yes, democracy, Mr. Haughet is not a hot chocolate mug to be made to warm up the stomach of hungry Iraqis so you expect them to suddenly switch from decades of tyranny to a smiley pro-US puppets.

I have three suggestions for Stuart Haugen - basic politics lesson:

  • Read more about Iraqis and their culture: the main reason the United States failed in Iraq, because the US administration is ignorant. The super power of the world has launched an illegal war based on lies; this followed an invasion that gave a chance to let every single sign of civilization either looted or destroyed, among many other “nice-doing” that even turned those who were happy that Saddam has gone would be full of hatred towards those who helped in toppling that dictator.
  • Check out Wikipedia on Muntadhar Al Zaidi, it sure “confirms your allegations that he was a Baathist”, yeah, right. I just googled his name, nothing serious
  • Check the video footage of the shoe-throwing, I did hear " this is the farewell Kiss, dog". This will give clear indication, a very good one, really, that the shoe was an expression of sorrow, frustration and agony towards everything Bush had caused to Iraq and the Iraqis.