Friday, February 9, 2007


What do we see on the photos taken from today’s Iraq when they are published on TV or when we search for them on the internet? We see death, sorrow, humiliation, and loss, burned or looted buildings. When someone type “Baghdad” in Google, for example, the only photos we see are of US soldiers near a swimming pool in one of Saddam's old palaces, or standing alert at a check point ready to kill, or stretching their muscles and smiling in front of the camera while making victory signs for that they made in 2003 war! We only see photos of mangled cars, crying children and woman, men lying on hospital beds with faces full of agony, and more burned people and houses!

There are pictures of dirty streets and alleys, unrecognizable by Iraqis themselves unless someone tells them or when one of them identifies a famous mosque, for example.

This is the new Iraq the whole world knows! or let me repharse the sentence: this is how Iraq has been whon to the world! Poverty, need, destruction, violence, mosques, dust - a lot of dust, dead plants and daily death.

Was Iraq like this before, even under the cruelty of Saddam and his regime?? Does anyone or any country knew how and what Iraq used to look like before the 2003 war?


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Thank you for this new Blog, I envy you for having such great picks that you published,

couple of months ago i created athis video that is now on youtube its all pics from Iraq as it used to look like.

all the best and keep your post comming