Saturday, November 17, 2007

Photos From Iraq

Photos From Iraq is a blog made by "Morbid Smile". It has a collection of pictures from old and new Iraq, well, new is not the right word, but Iraq after 2003. Unfortunately, the blog has not been updated since 2006, however, I see it as a source of comparison between yesterday and today. I am not saying that yesterday Iraq used to be a paradise, but if there are pictures from the past where people are smiling to the camera with joy and fun, now people smile to the camera (if they do) because of sarcasm!

A nice thing about this blog is that Morbid Girl categorized the pictures based on several themes or topic, such as art, history, sport... etc


Abbey said...

She has a good collection of her own, friends and web photos but she stopped posting half way through 2006...wonder why?

Nail Biter said...

An amazing photo. Thank you for sharing it with us.