Saturday, July 5, 2008

Return To Eden

Any Iraqi remember these characters in the picture above. One of the most favorite TV shows for many Iraqis during the 1980's. Return to Eden is an Australian TV show about luxury life, money, greed, adultery, love and seduction, but people every night were eager mostly to follow up on the events of Stephanie's (Rebecca Gilling) revenge plan from her unfaithful husband who teamed up with Stephanie's "best" friend to kill her by threwing her to the crocodiles and take over her wealthy family holdings. Stephanie has been rescued by an old man who took care for her till she was fully recovered from her facial and body injuries. After that, Stephanie decide to take revenge but with a risky yet smart plan. She had cunning plastic sergury and was transformed into a very attractive and seductive woman who worked in the fashion business and that's how she would be able to get closer and closer to those who wanted her dead.

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