Thursday, August 7, 2008

Books on Iraq

  • A True Story of Bravery and Betrayal in the Iraq War
  • My War
  • The Boys from Baghdad
  • The Last True Story I'll Ever Tel
  • In Foreign Fields
  • Making a Killing
  • Killing Time in Iraq
This is not by any means some free advert for Iraq war books. Most of these titles are of books about soldiers (and people) served by UK and US military during and after the 2003 war in Iraq: Some tells the story of a soldier got lost beheind enemy lines; or those who were face to face with the enemy and like a lion in the middle of fire heroically escaped death or capture; or on a man who worked as as an assassin, or hired killer, or as officially known a "contractors" who protect convoys routes out of Baghdad...etc Some of these books according to their writers are based on true stories, others, did not openly admit it, but the tale goes beyond reality, nothing but fiction that uses true events in Iraq .

In past decade, god only knows how many times I read about stories like these - some of them were about how Saddam's methods on cracking with a first of fire and metal on the heads of poor Iraqi people. On every trip I used to take to the UK and the US, I used to spend some big amount of time searching for books about Iraq and read them with anticipation. Sadly, though, it was 9 out of 10 cases where I realized that such books were just another show like these we used to watch on TV and video tapes when I was a kid.

Since the end of 2003 war and until this very moment, Iraq became the source for political and financial gains. This time and with such books Iraq became the source for the imagination, fantasy, in addition to the story telling aspect for many writers, not to forget what fame and status a strong story from inside Iraq would provide for those who tell it.

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Anonymous said...

Mashallah, you just said what I discovered at the library the other day. I was looking for books about Iraq, some nice ones, but all I could find were things like you just mentioned. It's stupid, crazy and sad, especielly when Iraq has got so much nice things to offer and tell to the world about what is used to be, what it could do and all the nice people Iraq includes. Sad.