Sunday, October 12, 2008

Headlines 11 October 2008

These are the headline news on Iraq for the 11'th of October 2008.

I never believed in what I read and heard about Iraq becoming a safer place for ordinary Iraqis.

Does this screen shot from the headlines on Iraq gives any indication of yet another peaceful Iraq?

Another question: are we now over with hearing about those trying to inflict sectarian war among Iraqi Muslims so they turned to Iraqi Christians? It is all over the news, there are who are accusing the Kurds of committing crimes against the Christian community in north of Iraq, but why would they do something like that, if we assume that the media is telling the truth? Some spokesman from the Iraqi government accuses al-Qaeda after "their failure to rage war between the two main Muslim groups living in Iraq". Yet, more Iraqis are fleeing as a result of the latest attacks in Mosul. In the meantime, Baghdad has witnessed another bloody morning in different areas, one of them a remote car bomb explosed in Al-Bayya, a neiberhood wouth west of Iraqi capital, killed eight people and wounded thirteen.

Wasn't Al-Bayya a target in previous years? Did the government and after all attacks on this area in Baghdad realized how to protect this area, and other areas? Iraqi government yesterday promised to protect Christians and a government spokesman said that such attacks on the Christians is new..." and that around 1000 policemen has been deployed to protect citizens in Christian areas of Mosul. Who read this post can easily figure out what I am trying to say: if the government was not able to protect Al-Bayya, how are they going to deal with the new situation of Christians being threatend to be killed or flee their own homes?

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