Sunday, March 8, 2009

Big Celebrations in Al Adhamiyah

I just had many flash-backs of the old days when I was there, like many I was seeing on television celebrating today the anniversary of the birth of Prophet Mohammed. Sometimes I used to go with a group of friends, another time / another year I used to go with the male cousins, another time on another year I used to take the whole family and we meet with other relatives and friends there. Women, old and young carrying lighten candles, which became a ritual on that day for many to do. Some parents used to buy new clothes for their children, like it was Eid ul-Fitr or Eid al-Adha.

I love the look on people faces then; it used to be joy for some, obedience for others, happiness was the most obvious look. It used to be the moment when people gather from different areas and neighborhood of Baghdad to Al Adhamiyah.

Today the authorities closed the bridge linking Al Adhamiyah and Al Kadhmiyah from cars crossing through between the two neighborhoods. However, pedestrians was included and many from different ages were seen crossing and approaching the site of the celebrations.

The only difference from the old days is that today were a number of passing military barrages in between the thousands of people, and the presence of heavy security. I am delighted to see old and new Iraq comes as one in my eyes and my mind.

Most, if not all of the people interviewed by Iraqi TV stations expressed their relief because of the security. Most of the people, if not all were emphasizing on reconciliation among all Iraqis and that Iraq return to the old days when no different between Shi’a and Sunni or any other ethnic or religious group. I loved the fireworks shot by people to the bright sky, loved the young and old reading poems expressing a feeling of joy on that day.

Al Adhamiyah is bright again, not with big lights surrounding Abu Hanifa mosque and the surrounding, but the brightness and the beauty came from the people celebrating on this blessed day.

Congratulations to all Muslim everywhere and Congratulations to all Iraqis

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GOSS said...

Congrats ... to the people of Aadamiyah..

May Allah keep you safe for years to come...