Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kurdish Embassy In The Netherlands

I felt that it was some kind of sarcastic joke when he said that the Iraqi Embassy in the Hague, the Netherlands, is not a representative entity of Iraqi state rather an embassy of the Kurd. The website of the embassy is nothing but a immature attempt by some immature person who decided to play around with some Java scripts, cropping GIF and JPG images, and fiddling with some HTML codes - I don't remember when but I am certain that I talked before about this website, yet, this is not the core purpose for this post, but it looks like that those who are responsible for authorizing any article on the website do not even have the courtesy to check anything before publishing. Worse than that, there is some emphasize which to me is done on purpose to put forward anything related to Kurdish language to the front as if Iraq as a country consists of Kurdish majority and "other ethnic groups" minorities, including Arabs. The majority of the downloaded documents for official ratification are Kurdish, I am talking about 99% of available to be downloaded PDF files.

I managed to get Arabic language forms of some of these available, and I could see the shameful grammatical mistakes in Arabic on many of what has been published. The method used to write anything on the website is rubbish, any Arabic speaking person would be disgusted and frustrated to the highest level.

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The Scrivener said...

The Embassy of the Kurd?! Really?!...

You speak of grammatical errors in Arabic. Yet your own English, including this post, is far, far from perfect. You make mistakes in most of your posts yet no one proceeds to chastise you in a rude and condescending manner.

Would it not be good if you, as an Iraqi, would let go of your chauvinist views. Would that not be better for Iraq as a whole?