Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Why Do You Kill, Zaid?

Below is a video of an interview with DR. Juergen Todenhoefer, a former German politician and an author who spent time in Iraq, specifically in Ramady province. He tells the story of Zaid, an Iraqi young man's path into joining the ressistance in Iraq against the US occupation, and gives an insight to the reasons behind such a decision for an ordinary Iraqi who rejected war and violence in the begining.

With English Subtitles

With Arabic subtitles

Special thanks to those who did the great effort of translating this interview to both languages.

The official link to the book is here


attawie said...

Great book and a must read. I've read reviews and summaries about it but still I feel it's not enough at all. I need to get the book.

It's good to see the truth coming up to the surface. Seriously, thanks for their efforts.

Anonymous said...

THIS certainly seems interesting! i'll have a look into it today.