Monday, March 15, 2010

Al Amiriya Shelter - Documentary

I received an email from Sahab bringing my attention to Al-Amiriya: The Shelter.

Sahab, for those who still don't know is one of few committed and honorable people around documenting and showing the truth about atrocities too place against the Iraqi people, focusing on the shelters of death, one of these shelters is Al Amiriya - first time I wrote about this tragedy was last year, then I wrote about the interview Al Baghdadia channel conducted with families of victims.

The documentary is made by Siham Jouhari, a French flim maker of Morrocan origin, known for the award winning short movie “Faces of wrath”, about the war on Gaza in 2009.

I took a look at the website but could not find any news or a source to the movie.

Anyone knows about the movie, please let me know.

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