Thursday, March 4, 2010

Elections 2010: Its Getting Ugly

Today is the first day of the parliamentary elections, but not for the public, it is restricted to allow only voters from military personnel, prisoners and the sick.

To summarize today's political events we can put the major parties in two categorese: the first is the calm, illustrated by media broadcasts of the government and Iraqi National Alliance (INA), for example, while on the othe side there is the panic sort of statements published in different media sources, such as that from Ayad Allawy's AL-IRAQIYYA (IRAQI NATIONAL MOVEMENT) who staged up his fears from false voting.

But throwing leaflets from helicopters warning people from voting for Allawy, as former prime minister announced? this is not a way.

I don't like seeing a media source to watch channels showing their bias to one side rather than the other, yet, Alsharqiya channel is showing publicly its support for Ayad Allawy since yesterday. Speaking about this satelite channel, every Iraqi knows how this TV channel focuses on disclosing everything related to the mess Iran is making within its interference in Iraq. I saw an advert yesterday or the day before yesterday, it focuses on one issue in particular, questioning the purpose from barring any candidate from running in the upcoming elections (like what happened with Al Mutlaq, of course). In addition, it educuate people with good quality graphic CGI effects about the danger that Iran is pausing and the chance Iran is taking to convert Iraq to another persian province, but the interesting thing is when showing the Iraqi flag: the old flag of Iraq, the same flag used by Saddam Hussein since 1990 when he "wrote" the word "Allah is Great" between the three green stars.

Terrorist attacks has its share in today's news: There was also three suicide attacks on three polling stations this morning in Baghdad, where military officials, prisoners and the sick specifically allowed to vote left more than 15 innocent people dead and many more injured.

What's odd in all of this the interviews with people on TV, most of them afraid of further attacks to disrupt the elections, others are almost sure that the elections would not be transparent as it should be, yet, all of them want to vote


all of them are hoping for security and stability

Did someone said that the country became safer???

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