Saturday, May 9, 2009

Basrah: Old and New

In the last post I put a number of pictures of beautiful north of Iraq. Today I am putting pictures from the further south of Iraq, from the gorgeous city of Basrah (or Basra, as in some sources).













 badrr shaker
































I found the pictures on the Internet, so anyone claims rights to these photos, please let me know - the main reason for publishing these photos is to share, and to show the beauty of Iraq.


San Antonio Cicily said...

I'd love to go there and visit someday I've been everywhere except the middle east!

MixMax said...

Hi Cicily, no one knows, you might have the opportunity to go and visit there.

The middle east in general is far beyond imagination spot on earth with its richness of everything, from nature to geography, from culture to history.

I am sure you will enjoy such a trip.

Khalid from said...


Thank you for the pictures, they are so beautiful. Are they taken recently?
I enjoyed seeing them all and in particular the Shanasheel pictures.


MixMax said...

Shlonek Khalid, you are welcome.

The pictures are from old photos taken before 2003 and some of them recently

The shanasheel pictures were the main reason I decided to put a post on Basra :)

Khalid from said...

MixMax, I'm zean and thank for asking + I wish you all the success in your life.


ranran said...

Hi, everybody,

I'm Japanese old man.
I spent over three years in Basra in 1980'th. Oh my.. Shereton was so nice hotel in my memory. It is damaged much. I really hope Basra people restore their town.

Thanks for showing photo anyway.


Shveta said...

Hi, I was looking for someone who has stayed in Basra in 1979 or in the eighties...I needed it for a study report on Basra as part of my course.