Monday, May 25, 2009

U.S. Justice

The scumbag shown in the picture on the left is Steven Green, who is identified by Wikipedia as a war criminal.

Is there justice in locking up this thug for life time in prison?

I don't believe so

Any society in any country in the world should wipe such people from the face of earth. Some people might not agree with me on the death-sentence, but would letting such people breath from the same air is a mistake.

Am I in position to judge him? yes, as a human being, and this drug and alcohol addict must be executed. What more

According to a source, one of the reasons this thug was not giving capital punishment was that rural Western Kentucky people are conservative libertarian, generally opposed to giving any government the right to kill its citizens, and the kind of Bible Belt Christians who believe in personal redemption. They rarely give death sentences, and when they do those are rarely carried out. (Three people have been executed in Kentucky since 1978.) Pvt. Green moreover had confessed the night of the killings to a sergeant who, to protect the unit, did not report the crime and got Green out the military, out of Iraq. Once in the federal court system, Green had tried to plead guilty twice in exchange for his life but the federal government had twice refused to accept his guilty plea, apparently wanting a show trial. Aware of his confession and attempts to plead guilty, Kentuckians would reliably reject what might be construed as an attempt to turn a capital murder case into a political bargaining chip. The predictable choice for these Kentuckians would therefore have been a quick unanimous vote for life without possibility of parole.

But all this apply to the United States and what is happening in the United States, yet, the crime was committed in Iraq: Gang-raping and murdering a 14-year-old Iraqi girl and murdering her 5-year old little sister, her mother and her father, inside their house, then set fire to the house before leaving with his 4 accomplices. All this cannot be easy going to look at it from a cultural and religious point of view.

Would today's verdict be any difference from the earlier one by the court? I don't think so! this family is Iraqi, not American. Second, the whole thing is among different parties have been politically maneuvered.

If there is any person from the jury has an honor, an honor to imagine the brutality and what that filthy boy and his friends did, he or she would easily bring justice to two innocent girls and their families i.e. sentence him to death.

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Unknown said...

I personally am not opposed to the death penalty if we have concrete evidence that the person committed the crime, such as in this case where the guy plead guilty. Obviously he deserves the death penalty. I do think that we need to be very careful when carrying out this sentence as innocent people have been put to death before and this is highly unfair! Innocent people should not be put to death!