Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saddam's Readiness for War

Sad but true...

It is not sad that the nation has lost a great a leader, because I don't give a damn about that leader, simply because he caused so much pain for decades to Iraq and the Iraqis, secondly, he was the main reason behind bringing all the mayhem Iraqis are living through at the moment... it all goes down to his arrogance, greed and miscalculations.

The footage has been found in 2006 (after the war), I asked around and the answer was it never been aired on official Iraqi TV before. There is an article from the NY Times on this video.

I won't talk about his trial, about his miserable end in this post, but below is a video of a leader who wanted to fight with a slingshot and other weaponry - as they were illustrated by an idiot minister.

This is how a president of a country used to fool himself of inventing a reality that applied only to his sick and filthy mind.

This leader of a great nation is the same one who said back in 1990 that the great boys of Iraq (il-waieelad) will rise up out of nowhere in the desert and with a handful of sand will bring down apache helicopters!

Sad but true

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